is petitions and pledge drives made easy. You have a grassroots issue and you want to use social media platforms to spread your campaign far and wide. ActGrassy is the software behind many successful people-powered campaigns. Click the arrow on the right to start the ActGrassy tour and find out why grassroots activists use ActGrassy.
Our campaign dashboard is easy to use. You can create a custom petition or pledge drive in just 5 minutes. Set your campaign's information, it's petition (call to action) statement, the petition goal... even customize the colours and design of the petition. ActGrassy makes it easy to get you up and running to respond to breaking issues without breaking a sweat.
Social media is the secret sauce of our success (and yours). With Facebook used as the main signing option, your visitors will sign your petition with ease, spread the word and give you rich data about who is supporting your cause. Viral petitions are why you should choose ActGrassy -- we've got Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon baked right in.
A rich suite of reporting and analytics is available for every petition. Track the exponential growth curves of your petition, find out where your petition signers are coming from, find out which Facebook pages to target to reinforce the growth of your petition. Making smart decisions during your campaign can drive and amplify its growth. We've got the tools you need to command a successful campaign. Your data is always accessible through simple download from the dashboard at any time.
We know that whitelabeling your campaign is important to you. We'll show you how to point your own domain to ActGrassy so that the software is hosted effortlessly under your brand. Not only can you customize the look and feel of the petition, but you can advertise your own domain name to draw more users in.
We loved making this software and we think you'll love it too! And the price is right! Did we say FREE? Customize your own petition and even whitelabel your domain. Click the Sign Up link to get started.